Networked Learning Project Blog Post #2


I have spent a great deal of my time learning how to use the sewing machine. It is truly amazing how something that should be so easy can really be a huge road block for me. Luckily I am a fairly patient person. I have been playing on the sewing machine solely working on teaching myself to sew a straight line (silly I know, but I want my daughter’s dress to be something she can actually wear).

For a good portion of my free time this week I have been watching YouTube videos about making pillowcase dresses. I have to be honest; I think once I get the hang of the machine, this project should be something I am proud to show to everyone.

In the next week I am going to try to get a solid pattern cut for the dress.  Again, I think this will require a lot of patience and creativity on my part.  I need to be creative because, let’s face it, when you are learning to use something new, things have a tendency to be changed/modified during the creation. 


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