What does technology mean to me?


Throughout this course I have learned that technology can take any shape.  There is no one way to integrate or teach with technology.  By completing my Networked Learning Project (NLP) and the TPACK activity, I now see that I have to open to new ideas and practices just as much as my students.  Learning new technology can be difficult at times, but as long as I am willing to try, there is nothing I will not be able to do.

I feel that my teaching practice will be greatly impacted because of this course.  I believe I will try even harder than before to find new an creative ways to get information to my students.  I will have to be patient and allow my students to explore on their own.  I think this may be the hardest thing.  We are moving to a K-8 district next year with a great deal of new technology being introduced in our classrooms (class iPads and Promethean Boards to name a few).  I am concerned that the focus will be on test scores instead of on what the students have truly learned.  In a scenario like this I can see me falling back into my old habits.  I guess I will have to work that much harder to integrate these new ideas in my room.  I will have to push away those feelings of complete frustration and allow the new process to just happen. 

A few major questions I have is how do you sell such unique ideas to a very “experienced” staff who are typically set in their ways?  Will I have people fight me on these ideas?  Will my students jump on board?  Will parents understand?

Candace and Emily, thank you so much for a great experience.  I would not change anything for the world.  This was an amazing way to start my certificate program. 



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