Maker Experiment #3


Professional Assessment & Evaluation:

As a part of CEP 811 we were asked to dive into the Maker culture.  At first I was a little apprehensive, but after a little play time I think maker kits are an amazing resource.  I really believe the students in my school would really like to tinker with the maker kits.  My one fear is the cost.  However, I do believe that I could find a grant from a local source to help me buy some of these kits.  I used the Makey Makey kit and I found it to be incredibly easy to use.  I feel my students would be able to tackle these kits with few problems.  One way I would evaluate their effectiveness is to use a rubric for a creative project they create.  Grant Wiggins said “The point in any performance is to cause the appropriate effects in a performance, i.e. achieve the purpose of the performance. Yes, you get some points for content and process, but impact matters. If they didn’t laugh at your jokes or reflect on the cruelties of life suggested by your sad ironic story, then the performance was unsuccessful and you need to know it” (2012).  The rubric I would create would gauge how the students “created” during their maker time.  With the Makey Makey kits I think the possibilities are endless.  The one area that we may run into road blocks is linking the maker kit to all of the cool sound sites that are recommend by the Makey Makey website.  We are in a school that is strictly regulated with our access.  I would definitely have to have a solid argument for the use of these sites in my classroom.  On a positive note, my school is moving toward a technology based curriculum, so I feel these kits would only enhance our new curriculum.  I am sure the parents would love to see their students using such amazing hands-on tools.  I feel that by using the maker kits and remixing, I will be preparing my students for any educational expectation they may encounter in the future. 

Personal Assessment & Evaluation:

As I look back at my growth in this class, I am truly surprised.  I have always thought that I had a great grasp on technology, but I was mistaken.  The technology I was so familiar with was very outdated and sort of boring.  From this class I was able to add amazing things to my tool kit.  Whether it is the Maker kits, Sketchup Pad, Popcorn or utilizing the UDL toolkit.  The resources have made me feel more confident in exploring and integrating technology into my classroom.  I also feel that my fellow classmates were incredibly helpful.  I had never participated in a Google hangout and they stepped up to help me without hesitating.  I really enjoyed being able to chat with other classmates using this tool.  I even asked if there was a way to integrate Google hangouts with my teaching staff. I will leave this class with a great deal of confidence and a toolkit that I am proud of.  I feel more than ready to go into this school year with a renewed sense of drive and an itch to integrate as much technology as I can. 


Wiggins. G. 2012.  On assessing creativity-yes you can, and yes you should. 18 August 2013. 


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