What limitations prevent us from solving big, complex problems smartly?


As humans we have a natural sense of curiosity.  We are constantly trying to find ways to solve the complex problems that we face on a daily basis.  However with a lack of critical thinking and reasoning skills, and an influx of outside sources that creates a sense of confusion and entitlement, many complex problems are being put on the back burner.  This issue was addressed in great detail in the book The Anti-Education Era: Creating Smarter Students Through Digital Learning by James Paul Gee

In this paper, I will discuss how these issues, specifically how the influx of information creates more issues in critical thinking and problems solving. 


One thought on “What limitations prevent us from solving big, complex problems smartly?

  1. I love the point in your paper where you say the way we’re taught and the way we use information do not coincide with each other. This is something I consistently struggle with because for the most part the way that I teach my kids how to do math problems is not the way they’ll actually approach them in real life. However, how they approach mathematical situations in real life depends on whether or not they have a strong foundation of number sense and mathematical ideas and generally speaking, the kids I work with don’t have this. I agree that in order to solve complex problems we need humans who are able to communicate effectively and see the perspectives of others, but they also need to have a firm understanding of what they know, that should be grounded in research and fact like you mentioned. I think getting this information to people is more along the lines of a simple problem, however it’s getting people to open their minds to that information and accept and retain it that makes all the difference.

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