Autism Spectrum Disorder


As a mother of a child who has major developmental delays, I see a focus on autism spectrum disorders as something utterly important.  Many students in schools are on the spectrum.  In most cases, the needs of these students are not being met.  In this paper, I discuss the ways ASD can be addressed more appropriately in a school setting.

The app that I found to be incredibly useful is called AutismXpress.  This site gives students with autism a form of communication.


I have also included a link to a list of terrific apps that can be used with the iPad.  Research is showing that the iPad is becoming a perfect tool to assist the student who is on the spectrum.


One thought on “Autism Spectrum Disorder

  1. I loved reading your paper, Kim. I am definitely one of the teachers you described who is not well versed in being able to make students with Autism as successful as other students in a classroom; on some level this has to do with the fact that I have only had these students in my classroom 1 of the 3 years that I’ve been teaching, and it was my first year, but I don’t think I was very inclusive even then. However, One of my very close friends in the building is the severe needs teacher and I love spending time with her kids but I haven’t had to think about these sorts of things since I interact with them socially and not in education contexts. I find myself being very harsh on students who tap and make noises, not necessarily thinknig about why they’re doing it all the time. I have iPads in my class that I’m trying to use more often and giving these kids a socially acceptable way to focus their energy just provides me with another reason for why I need to be using them more often!

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