Wicked Problem



As a part of our CEP 812 class we were asked to identify a wicked problem and come up with a possible solution.  The problem Nathan Walker, Megan Walker, Melissa Smith and I chose was Failure as a learning mode.  This s a huge problem because in most schools students are graded based on their completion of assignments and test that are developed by individual teachers.  If a student fails a test, or does not understand a homework assignment their grade is negatively impacted.  For our solution my group decided that focusing on standards based grading and reporting would be a great option.  Instead of being graded on assignments that are not aligned to the CCSS, teachers are evaluating students’ knowledge of the standards they are teaching.  This does not mean a traditional test.  It may be a writing sample, a math equation, a presentation, or a simple group discussion.  If it looks as if the student does not understand the standard, they can continue to work on the standard until they have reached mastery.  I believe this is the teaching of the future.  Students have to learn that one way of doing something does not all work best for the whole.  Standards based grading does not put students into categories; it allows them to work at a pace that will help them truly grasp the information presented to them. 


Please check out what we have been working on.  Wicked Problem


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